CancerSEEK is a blood test (also called a liquid biopsy) designed to detect multiple types of cancer at the earliest stages possible, before noticeable symptoms occur.

CancerSEEK is being developed to combine cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology with a machine learning engine, which will enable the test to improve with every person that is screened. It is designed to be integrated into your routine medical care, alongside other existing cancer screening tools.

With the CancerSEEK test as our foundation, we are developing and building not just the test itself, but a comprehensive and integrated service that includes result interpretation, follow-up testing, confirmed cancer diagnosis and facilitation into oncology care. At Thrive Earlier Detection, we will be a partner for healthy patients, cancer patients and physicians throughout the entire journey.

Results From DETECT-A – The First Prospective, Interventional Study of a Blood-Based Multicancer Test

An early version of CancerSEEK developed in 2016 was evaluated in DETECT-A, a study of 10,006 women between the ages of 65 to 75 without a prior cancer history.

The results, published in Science in April 2020, demonstrated that our blood test more than doubled the number of cancers that were first detected through screening, identified 65% of cancers at earlier stages, and identified cancers across 10 organs, seven of which have no recommended standard-of-care tests.

Data from this study, along with other data and ongoing discussions with regulatory authorities, will help inform Thrive’s design of future studies, including those intended to support regulatory approvals.

Overview of the DETECT-A Data

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