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The earlier the better.

What makes Thrive's Approach Unique?

CancerSEEK is designed to detect multiple types of cancer, earlier.

The few cancer screens available today, including mammograms and colonoscopies, each look for a single type of cancer. To work alongside these tests, we have built a test designed to find multiple cancer types from a single blood draw — including many cancers that lack effective screening tools such as ovarian, pancreatic, liver cancers and others.


When our test results are positive, our confidence in those results is high.

By building a "right-sized" test that combines analysis of a focused set of DNA mutations and protein abnormalities associated with cancer growth, CancerSEEK is designed to be highly specific.

In a study published in Science in 2018, CancerSEEK performed with greater than 99% specificity and median 70% sensitivity among the cancer types evaluated. This approach enables doctors (and ultimately payers) to focus follow-up procedures on patients who truly have cancer and for whom the doctor can take meaningful treatment action.

We're committed to broad access.

Our goal is to ensure that our testing platform is accessible to all. We aim to develop the clinical and health economic evidence required for FDA and other regulatory approvals, for inclusion in cancer screening guidelines, and to support reimbursement.

We don't stop with a test result.

To support physicians and patients in the case of a positive cancer detection result, Thrive aims to offer an integrated service that provides support via comprehensive result interpretation by a panel of medical experts, confirmatory diagnostic testing, and guidance for additional clinical care, as appropriate.

We're building a Learning System.

Drawing upon multiple sources of de-identified data and using a machine learning platform, Thrive Earlier Detection is creating a learning loop that fine-tunes test performance and expands the number of people who can benefit from earlier cancer screening over time.

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